Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crash Landed

Crash Landed from Robin Evans on Vimeo.

An animation done with a magna-doodle...dear God, this was sooo tedious! I loved working with Robert on this project. Even with the difficulty I had a blast! Robert McDaniel II developed this concept and I helped him with the animation. He also created the music track for the animation. The animating actually didn't take as long as I thought! We were both very excited of how it came together!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


AJ/47 from Robin Evans on Vimeo.

A cut-out animation that I based on my little nephew. He's not that bad-trust me. I just thought it would be fun to see the look on his mom's face-it was HILARIOUS!!!. I animated this during my sophomore year. Cut-out is fun and I plan on doing more animations in it.


Plum from Robin Evans on Vimeo.

A three shot teaser for an upcoming animation that I've been working on. I've finally developed my own sort of style with creating and animating characters. This is the first animation that exhibits a signature character of mine. I'm really really really excited about finishing some more shorts...yay Yay bad, can't contain myself.

Background Int. of Stanky's Juke Joint

Background Ext. of Stanky's Juke Joint

This is the rendered exterior background drawing of Stanky's Juke Joint. It's done with the 20044 blue Col-Erase pencil. I had a lot of fun drawing it. I used a bunch of sticky notes, pencil dust and tissue paper to produce it. I had a blast!

Shew Fly! storyboards

I drew up some storyboards for a cute little animation that I wanted to do. There aren't any shot calls or camera movements. I just wanted to draw out how I wanted the animation to go. This actually happened between my roommate and I. It was sooo funny that I decided to story tell it!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hezekiah's design

Hezekiah is a warrior in my adventure story. I based him on ancient Roman culture. He was much more difficult than Tipson to design. I wanted him more stocky than Tipson yet not as tall. It was also a challenge to find a color scheme for him. I wanted his clothes to compliment his skin. Well, I did the best I could with it, lol. I do love the way he turned out. Quite heroic, lol.

Tipson's design

Tipson is another character I created for my story. I had alot of fun drawing different versions of him. It was hard getting to a final design, but I think I got it! I surprised myself with this character. I rarely draw good characters of men. I'm much more comfortable drawing women, but I think I'm getting better. Still got a lot to improve with male characters, but I do like how Tipson turned out.

Etana design

Etana is one of the characters I created for my adventure story. The program I used was Photoshop CS4. I went through several different designs for this character, I feel I have reached what I want her to look like. I plan on animating her standing while breathing and looking around just to put some life into her.