Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hezekiah's design

Hezekiah is a warrior in my adventure story. I based him on ancient Roman culture. He was much more difficult than Tipson to design. I wanted him more stocky than Tipson yet not as tall. It was also a challenge to find a color scheme for him. I wanted his clothes to compliment his skin. Well, I did the best I could with it, lol. I do love the way he turned out. Quite heroic, lol.

Tipson's design

Tipson is another character I created for my story. I had alot of fun drawing different versions of him. It was hard getting to a final design, but I think I got it! I surprised myself with this character. I rarely draw good characters of men. I'm much more comfortable drawing women, but I think I'm getting better. Still got a lot to improve with male characters, but I do like how Tipson turned out.

Etana design

Etana is one of the characters I created for my adventure story. The program I used was Photoshop CS4. I went through several different designs for this character, I feel I have reached what I want her to look like. I plan on animating her standing while breathing and looking around just to put some life into her.